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Goat Yoga

Dancing Moon Goat Yoga is the best in town! Only 30 minutes from Disney, Universal Studios and Major Orlando Tourists Attractions.
Fun for YOU, FAMILY and FRIENDS. Enjoy laughter and joy for 1.5 hours with our very adventurous experience. 
Our goats are super friendly and love human interaction; they will jump, tickle, nibble and make you LAUGH. We are a family owned farm so we spend time everyday with our goats. We exchange joy with the goats. They made a huge difference with our kids and  everyday we witness their amazing impact on our lives. 

During your Class:

  • There is always 1-2 people present at your session to ensure the comfort of each and every person and gain a personal interaction with the goats.
  • We are partners with very experienced yoga instructors. We have a great team that are sensitive and flexible to everyone's needs.
  • We take personalized pictures during the class and at Happy Hour, posting them 2-3 days after the class in an album organized by event date on our FaceBook page, so you can enjoy the class and don't have to worry about taking pictures.
  • During Happy Hour, you get to interact with the class goats and enjoy 45 minutes walking around the farm, taking in nature, interacting with other animals and taking pictures.
  • We offer a 25% off mini horse session discount after the goat yoga and 10% discount for  private events, birthday parties, photo shoots, and workshops. 


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Our farm has everything necessary to ensure an enjoyable time and a quality experience like none other! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.  Be sure to bring a yoga mat, your camera, water, mosquito spray (we’re close to the wetlands) & weather appropriate clothing.  We recommend mat rentals for $5.00, we wash and sanitize our mats after each class.

We provide the following:

  • Parking
  • Restroom
  • Hand wash stations
  • Children Activities
  • Water


private events

We do custom private Goat Yoga events for any occasion for minimum of 10 people. We will travel with our goats to your desired location. 





5/5 Stars 

So much fun! The goats were very friendly, and the staff were amazing! You don’t need to be a yoga expert either, they were very accommodating to all levels. Highly recommend. 




5/5 Stars 

I surprised my wife with a goat yoga session for her birthday, and the smile on her face when we drove up was priceless! This was such a fun experience. Everyone was smiling and laughing, and even trying to do the yoga while the goats were wandering around looking for snacks and rubs. It is impossible to have a bad time at goat yoga, and Danielle and our Yogi were wonderful hosts! I Highly recommend even if you've never done yoga before! 




5/5 Stars  

Such a fun time! Great instruction, great location, friendly helpful staff, and the cutest goats! Highly recommend. 


Q: Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

A: Yes, however we rent mats for a $5 fee.

Q: Is the class indoors or outdoors?

A: Outdoors.

Q: What type of yoga do you do in the class?

A:  Vinyasa for beginners. There is no pressure to do any actual yoga, if you would like to just sit on a mat and snuggle with the goats you may do so. 

Q: How long is the class?

A: Yoga is preformed for 45-60 minutes and then there is 45 minutes of HAPPY HOUR where you can play with goats and take additional pictures. 

Q: Are there bathrooms?

A: We have one porta-potty and a hand washing station.

Q: How many goats are in the class?

A: 8-10.

Q: Is this a form of Animal- Assisted therapy? 

A: Yes. The focus of this class is to combine nature, goats, and yoga to disconnect and relieve the stresses of life. 

Q: Are there discounts?

A: Yes, there is a 20% discount for students. You must bring your student ID with you or you will be charged a fee. 

Q: Can kids attend a yoga class?

A: All children must be 8 years or older to attend a class.

Q: Are there refunds?

A: Refund Policy: No Refunds if cancellation is not done 24 hours prior to event date.

Force majeure: If the class is cancelled due to force majeure or weather not permitting, the ticket can be transferred to another date or full refund is issued. 

Q: Can I bring family members to take pictures of my class? 

A: No, we do not allow spectators. Everyone must buy a  ticket to be allowed into the enclosure. 

Q:  Are the goats aggressive?

A:  No, but they will they nibble at your zippers/buttons. Yes they do head butt, but they’ve never destroyed anything. They’ve also never headbutted a human before. They just want to be pet and cuddled. 

Q:Do the goats poop on you? 

A: Goats poop in small pellets. They are not messy, meaning you can simply shake off your mat to clean it. It is possible for them to poop on you.

Q: Do you force the goats to participate?

A: No. This is not a performance. They are food motivated and will jump on your back to receive food. They get fed regularly outside of classes. 

Q: What breed of goats do you have?

A: Nigerian Dwarf. 

Q: Are dogs allowed on the property?

A: Under no circumstances are dogs allowed on the property.

Q: Will there be media? 

A: It is possible there will be media. We also use pictures from the class on our website and Facebook. When you sign our waiver it gives us content to post pictures with you in them.

Q: Do you host private events?

A: Yes. Scroll up to book a private event.

Q: Do you need outside instructors?

A: Not at this time.