Dancing Moon Ultimate corporate retreat

Retreat with Nature and Animals.

Studies have shown that interaction with nature and animals are essential for wellness and stress reduction. Dancing Moon Farm gives you the opportunity to get away from stress and focus on connection with your team to build momentum. Can't come to the farm, don't worry, we can travel and tailor your retreat/training program to your needs.


Farm Activities

Farm Activities

Farm Activities

-Goat Yoga 


-Tai Chi


​-Bubble Tent Meditation

-Mini Horses Interaction 

-Empathy with Minis



Farm Activities

Farm Activities

-Resilience and Thriving Workshop

-Compassionate Communication for Effective Collaboration

-Wellness Consciousness 

-Peace and Consciousness 

-Health and Wellness 

-Personal Leadership Plan 

-Bio-well Energetic State Measurement

Contact us for more details of workshops and facilitators.



Farm Activities


-Evidence based stress reduction 

-Increased team understanding and communication

-Foster open and positive working environment

-Enhanced Healthy Habits

-Improved work performance

-Maximize productivity by creating a culture of fun